FP – What Happens With Potential?

Contrary to the status quo, I really liked Prototype.

Then again, I think I was baited in with the first 10 minutes of the game when I was an all powerful douchebag wrecking havoc on the city of possibly blind AIs. Either way, I enjoyed the game that was one of the lesser titles of 2009.


Why do I bring this up, you may ask?
Yes, partially because the sequel was named a highly anticipated title of 2012. The sequel however, brings up some concerns. Mostly with the first in the Prototype series not tapping into something many felt that it had. That, my friend, is potential.


Sure, Prototype had decent sales and mostly favorable reviews. One thing it failed to do however was really leave a lasting a good taste in your mouth after it was done. This is considering that you even went through the entire game.

It was a title that was presented in the summer line-up that honestly felt like it was half-done. Despite the amazing plotline that followed the game and the abilities you were given, things were blatantly wrong with it. The scenery at times was lacking compared to the characters and AI and the controls were confusing. The game was criticized rather harshly for these things and, as a result, the title was quickly forgotten and swept under the rug. That was all until the 2011 VGAs when the sequel was announced.


Now personally, I long for the day that all games that have untapped potential get a predecessor. Considering the business side of the gaming industry though, this isn’t always going to happen. Sometimes, it’s just not worth the risk of making another game that may or may not flop.

So much untapped detail in the bricked building

For this reason, I like to look for those games that have that little something that wasn’t focused on enough.

Ya know, the games that needed a bit more cowbell and just didn’t get it.


For this reason, I wanted to look at another game that came out in 2009 and had the same issue as Prototype. This game however, wasn’t as well received.

Wet, was a third person shooter from late 09 that felt like Tarantino got bored and made a video game. The one thing he forgot to add however was depth. Like Prototype, Wet was a game created with a great idea of what it could be. It was presented with so much potential and promise. When actually played however, what it was lacking shined like a beacon of light in the dark.

With that in mind though, how is it that one is getting a sequel and not the other?
Let’s take one example from the two to share why I think it isn’t.

One thing that everyone knows both games struggled with was repetition. Prototype however had a slightly compelling story with motives behind it that kept things moving along. Wet had a cut and dry story with nothing but revenge driving it forward. There were no real reasons or triumphs that would come about. It was simply “you pissed me off, now I’m going to kill you.”


You can see how it’s very hard to make that go anywhere.
Both games executed the stories very differently. One did well and the other did not. Regardless, Wet was still a semi-enjoyable game. It had redeeming qualities and a sequel would be a perfect chance to fix the problems the first presented while also providing redemption for the lack of depth in the story.


It's amazing how quickly this got boring

Once again, we must look at the business side of the industry. Why invest money into a game that has already given itself a poor reputation over a game that had some of the same problems but was better received?

At the end of the day, it’s all about business.

Of course, I would love a sequel to Wet. Despite its lack of a story and tedious nature, it was fun and it had potential to be a great game. It just wasn’t utilized properly. Prototype was the same but, there was something there that could be salvaged and made into something better.

Neither it nor Prototype left a lasting effect but, that’s sequels are for. They exist to remind you why you liked the first one, to show where else things can go, and…make you chuck out $60.
Given the description of the sequel, who wouldn’t want to play it?


Our new protagonist, James Heller, lost his family to the outbreak, and therefore has a score to settle with Alex Mercer, the previous game’s antihero, who had a little something to do with the current mess. Heller has picked up some terrifying mutant powers of his own to aid him in his quest for retribution.


 You mean I get to go after the protagonist from the first game with a guy who is equally, if not more, powerful.

Um…….yes please.


In the end, games that have potential come and go every year. Some survive the critics and others don’t. Looking at the level that a game could reach is always well and fun but, at the end of the day, some bodies got to lose right?

So, what titles do you know of that had potential and didn’t quite live up to it? Did you play either Wet or Prototype? What’d you think of them?

Let us know.


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