Dead Island: Riptide – Not For The Better?


Dead Island: Riptide is developer Deep Silver’s second entry to the Dead Island franchise. With the trailer being shown late last year and gameplay footage popping up a matter of days ago, I just wasn’t all that impressed by either. With everyone’s reserved feelings and thoughts toward the franchise, I have a few personal thoughts I would like to discus about the trailer.

The Riptide trailer is very similar to series last cinematic CG trailer that everybody was raving about. With similar style, the Riptide trailer tries to do what the last one did by capturing emotion while in a hostile environment. It really tried to add some kind of connection to what was going on and how truly horrible this island was. However, what it is and what it wants to be are two very different things.

The thing about Dead Island’s trailer was it hit close to home with the appearance of a child falling from a window and rewinding to unfold a story of how this all came to be. It almost makes you feel like you had some kind of connection to the family even if it is for only a few brief moment. That, as well as that damned saddening music makes the emotions run high.

This is not the case with Riptide. They tried to once again push the connection but it comes across rushed as we only know they are a couple sailing somewhere. Where as other shows us that they were a family trying to survive, doing everything they can. It was a lot more fleshed out, where as Riptide’s trailer seems almost rushed and like they tried to re-create something again.

Not to say this is a bad trailer but for what they were going for it didn’t seem right. We barley knew the two characters and, the next minute, there in flames.

By no circumstances, am I saying the trailer is dreadful and you should never watch it!

It’s far from bad the CGI is still beautiful but I personally just didn’t think it was as good as the first but, Im not going to judge a  game by the trailer. It’s pretty but it’s not emotionally tied to my heart as the first one was.

I personally have had a soft spot for Dead Island. So, as you can expect, I have some pretty high expectations for Riptide. This trailer though is nothing to get excited about. I’ve seen the game play as well but I’m not all that impressed.

For starters, I really think what they are offering in Riptide sounds like one big expansion for the original game. The graphics are not changed and the characters remain the same (that isn’t exactly a bad thing).  In no way am I bashing on the game and yes, I will be picking it up. Though I really don’t see a whole lot that sounds fresh.

I’m hoping with more details there will be more enticing features. With the original flaws of Dead Island, I’m hoping they are ironed out to balance things to be more appealing. At the end of the day though, this is all my opinion so lets know yours. How do you feel about Riptide so far? Or were you turned off by their “Special” Edition of the game. Let us know so hopefully, the island will be worth visiting for everyone.


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