Crysis 3 : Multiplayer Open Beta PS3 First Impressions

Crysis-3-BetaDo you ever reminisce the days of being a child and wanting to be a GI Joe or a robot? We’ll if you answered no then I don’t know what type of child hood you had but, if it’s a yes then Crysis 3 will make you feel all that and more. So here it is a first impression from my first 6 hours with the Multiplayer open beta.

Straight away when you boot up the Crysis 3 Beta you will be dropped straight into the menu system nothing much from the menu has changed since Crysis 2 it’s smooth and easy to navigate. Let’s face it though since when is a menu the stand point for a game ?
But with that in mind, it is easy for fans of the FPS genre to navigate. The beta also gives you the one option to turn off the Lens Flare (which I did notice to reduce some lag ). It’s nothing major but it is there.


Upon clicking on the multiplayer option, you will be prompted to choose one of the two game mode’s available for the beta. These two mode’s are Crash Site and Hunter. Crash Site makes a return from Crysis 2 were you’re tasked with holding a certain crash site for a time limit (basically King of the Hill).

Hunter is a completely new mode to Crysis 3. It splits you into two teams. One is tasked with surviving with an array of weapons; the other is in a cloaked state and must hunt down the other team using a bow and arrow only. These two mode’s are really fun but for more objective orientated players like me Crash Site really stood out to me but that is just me there will be various other game modes in the complete game.



Crysis is know for its beautiful visual engine showing stunning lighting effects, beautiful shadowing and making environment’s look almost photo realistic. This is all thanks to Cryengine 3.

But does Crysis look as visually stunning on a console as compared to how beautiful it is on the PC ?

We’ll sadly the answer is no and nor will it ever be. Yes, the Crysis engine simple dose not cope well with consoles. In comparison, you will notice the frame rate is capped at 30 FPS  where as the PC can reach into the 100′s on FPS. Everything look’s toned down anti aliasing is hard noticeable, textures’ pop in and out and take time to load. Obliviously, this is a BETA so who knows if some of kinks will be ironed out come the release date but all in all does the graphics and FPS detract from the fun ? No, in no way at all in my time of playing did I feel as though it looked so terrible it was unplayable. In no way at all is it an ugly game! It’s is still visually stunning for console standards shadows look beautiful, lens flare is amazing, character model’s and gun’s are detailed down to the  last scratch on your nanosuit. It’s beautiful but not as beautiful compared to it’s PC counterpart once again I cant stress enough this is a BETA and not everything is perfected !



Do you ever get that feeling that you’re a complete badass and you tell yourself you’re a complete badass but you’re not really? No that’s just me? We’ll Crysis 3 pretty much confirms you’re a badass. From every crunching sound from your boots, to the sound of your suit saying “Cloak Engaged”, it really never gets old. Sounds play a vital part in your overall fun factor and immersion in the game’s world everything you do in your suit from punching someone to jumping and slamming the ground makes you feel powerful, it makes you feel like the robot you always wanted to be when you were a kid! The sounds of guns firing, explosions, water splashing, it all makes you feel like your there actually in the game. I recommend playing with a audio to AV type headset it increases the immersion a lot ! The sound in this game is spot on it’s on par with battlefield 3 sounds in my eye which Is some of the best.

Let us know what game you though had the best audio in the comment’s and why ?



By now you must be thinking how does it actually play? We’ll from what time I have had with the Beta it play’s a lot like your typical First Person Shooter on steroids. Without the suit’s this would be your typical FPS but the suits add there own element to the game with the features of armour, Invisibility, Speed, Jumping, Sliding and my personal favorite super punching some one in the face!  All these make Crysis what it is they ramp up the fun to a whole new level I found myself at times thinking I could take on anything and anyone at others I felt like a ninja sneaking around just picking of the other team one by one either way you play weather it be stealthy, Action, or a mix of all there is something here for you Crysis 3 is very flexible with the way it lets you play and that certainly ad’s an extra amount of fun on top of some of the best gunplay I have seen in a long time.



Crysis 3 ad’s some new features and keeps some old are they for the better?
yes a majority of the new features are including thing’s such as a drivable vehicle, new kill streaks, alien weaponry and new and old gun’s. Crysis 3 now has one driveable vehicle called the pinger it look’s very similar to a tripod from war of the worlds and it isn’t overpowered in my opinion, it is slow and weak but can hold of crash site’s pretty well and can be taken down easily with the kill streak known as the swarmer which brings me to the kill streaks.  In the beta I only had set kills streaks both of which were different on either of the two map’s I was playing on the map Airport you can get a radar at 3 kills which is your typical mini map radar then you get the swarmer at 5 kills which is like a guided missile launcher it’s pretty useless unless a pinger is around then there is the EMP available at 7 kills which disables the enemy’s suits for a short amount of time which lets you rack up a few kill’s then the final one for airport is Max nanosuit that is 10 kills which puts your suit into overdriving making you ultra powerful and invincible for a short amount of time.

For the other map, Museum there similar with a few variants it goes : Radar, Swarmer, Seth Gun ship it pretty much just flies around kill’s stuff then Max nanosuit again. Are the kill streaks over or under powered ? No I don’t think so I think that they are really well balanced and are easy to acquire if you are a medium to average player. The two maps available museum and airport are pretty basic nothing to special except on airport a gunship flies around that you can jump in and out of which ad’s a nice touch. The class customization is back again with special suit modifications for all play styles you can earn attachments for your gun as well through kill’s and challenges in the beta you can level up through typical XP that is earner by kill’s and objective play once at the max level of 10 in the beta you can reboot your suit which gives you a new emblem and new equipment (Im unsure of the games final level and how many times you can reboot) after each reboot you must restart from scratch essentially it is just prestige like in other franchises.



Should you try out the beta ? Yes, check it out for sure if you’re a fan of FPS’s or enjoyed any of the other entry’s in franchise. But if you’re looking for something revolutionary and a new experience different to anything you have every seen before still check it out but don’t set your hopes as high as the sky. Once again, this is a BETA and it’s available on all consoles until the 12th of February. Seeing as though this is a BETA, I will not be scoring it as things could change and I don’t see  it as fair for me to judge a not yet finished product.

The full Crysis 3 experience hit’s February 16th. I am looking forward to it and so should you. Again this is MY personal impression and in no way am I judging the BETA considering it is not the end product but anyway that’s all I have to say I hope it helped you if you were on the fence! “Impressions Segment “Disengaged” (it’s a Crysis reference guys…)

Let us know in the comments if you have played the beta and what are your thoughts as well as will you be picking up the game.

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