Batman Arkham 3 Coming Soon

Batman arkham worldBased of some recent changes to the Batman: Arkham City page, some can assume the next Arkham title will soon be revealed. Considering that E3 is close approaching and the announcement of next-gen consoles, one can only guess what is to come for the Dark Knight in the next tale of Arkham and its inhabitants.

The Arkham City page was recently switched to just Batman: Arkham. The Arkham Asylum page has been removed, possible in order to make room for a new game.

In the passing months, it was shared that Rocksteady, the original developing studio behind the Arkham Franchise, will not be responsible for the next title. Instead, Warner Bros. Montreal will be taking over. Nothing has been made concrete just yet but it has many worried. Before Rocksteady took over the Batman reigns, there were virtually no games involving the hero that were actually good. They changed the feel of them video game adapted hero and did justice to the Bat. With them possible not leading the charge, one can’t help but be concerned.

As far as a new game however, in February Warner Bros. did claim that a reveal would be coming in the next 2-3 months.

You can check out the new Facebook page for Arkham here. In the mean, tell us what you think of the new Arkham game. Do you believe Joker’s VGA tease last year about Arkham World? What about Rocksteady not developing the game?

Let us know.

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